West Midlands Novice Championships

The weekend of 18th and 19th of May was the annual West Midlands Novice Championships at Chase Leisure Centre in Cannock. 

In the first round on Saturday, our Beginner 8-9 years old and Intermediate 10-12 years old gymnasts competed. We had 4 beginners (Alicia, Caitlyn, Annie and Nancy) entered. They had a good start on the beam, sticking their routines with just a fall on the dismount from Caitlyn. They showed improved floor routines, some powerful vaults (Caitlyn competed a new straddle over vault for the first time) and some neat bar routines. Nancy should be proud of her first ever competition- she was a very good teammate and had a smile on her face the entire time.

The Intermediate 10-12 girls (Martha, Lucy, Lucy, Alicia, Ellie, Phoebe-Rose, Lola and Ruby) had a wobbly start on beam but picked their competition back up on floor and finished strong on bars. A special mention goes to Ellie and Phoebe-Rose who competed their double bar routines for the first time, and to Martha who stuck a beautiful beam routine. After the first round of competition, Alicia was called as being in 6th place but unfortunately wasn't able to hold on to this after the second round.

Our Advanced 10-12 years old gymnasts (Emily-Mae, Ella-Rose, Emily, Maddie, Elliot and Emilija) competed on Saturday afternoon. Their competition started on beam with stuck routines from Emily-Mae and Ella-Rose. They showed some good tumbling on floor, and finished off with strong bar routines. Emily-Mae won the rosette for the highest score on vault for her half-on, and also placed 6th overall. One of the most impressive things in this round was Ella showing a lot of fight to perform 3 sole circles on bars in a row before completing her jump to the high bar! 

Sunday round 1 had our older Advanced gymnasts (Megan, Lily, Amelie, Bella, Paige and Esme). They started their competition on floor, where Amelie and Bella competed their round off double flic for the first time. Their vaults were good and did some nice routines on what were quite slippy bars. There were a few falls on beam but overall it was a good competition for the girls, some of whom are in the middle of all their exams at school.

Annabel, Lexie, Mary, Olive, Fleur and Daisy competed on the Sunday afternoon. This was Annabel's first 4 piece competition and she performed her new floor routine very well. The younger girls were in the Intermediate 8-9 category, and started on vault. They did their handstand flatbacks in competition for the first time, and a special mention goes to Mary for doing her vault after a painful heel has recently limited her vault training. The girls were confident on bars, where they did their double bar routines for the first time. Daisy did a super job having only recently achieving all the skills needed for this routine. Beam was a bit wobbly and nervy, but Lexie stuck a good routine. Floor went well and the girls all finished with smiles. Lexie was crowned West Midlands Novice Champion in the intermediate 8-9 category, with Fleur placing 5th and Daisy placing 6th. Daisy also won the rosette for the highest vault score, and Lexie won beam. 

Congratulations to all our gymnasts! Thank you to all the parents for your support, to Hollie and John for taking the girls around the competition and to Hollie for stepping in to judge last minute!